Sari Brown - “For What is the Journey”
CD review in Independent Songwriter Magazine, Fall/Winter 2007

Track 1- Rollerblades: No one could pull off this song but Sari Brown. Her unique vocal stylings are fragile, yet smart enough to avoid the butterfly net.

Track 2 - Redemption: She has Cher's compressed moan, Dolly Parton's breathless endings, and about a century’s worth of backwoods genetics to make her voice an authenic prize in the songwriting tradition. Sari is a rare jewel in a glass case of originals.

Track 3 - These Sweet Hills: Rhythmically it rips the stable ground out from underneath and offers a warbly wooden bridge in its place. The bridge sways. The rope is frayed. Wooden planks boast wide gaps in the steps that hover over the torrential waters that roar two-hundred feet below. Are you ready to come out of your comfort zone? Are you ready for an adventure? Of course you are. On your mark...get PLAY.

Track 4 - Faith: Nice boom-chucka rhythm. Comfortable as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

Track 5 - Jesus’s Waltz: Old yet fresh. Sad but hopeful. One of the best tracks on this CD. The harmonies give the vibe of a church choir that got up a little too early in the morning. The accordion has a soft drone as if it’s seeping in from a band rehearsal next door. Every part of this arrangement is a fitting tribute to the Lord. Real. Perfect.

Track 6 - Travel With You: You can tag along but you better run. Adrenaline is keeping the pace respectable.

Track 7 - Hubbardston: Wherever this place is located on the map, I'm sure it's marked HOME. Rhythmic dissonance keeps the journey interesting.

Track 8 - Riding: Sari sits in the pouring rainstorm playing her guitar. The song echoes up the porch rafters...bounces off the pine tree that taps against the clapboard house, and rolls up to the sky to merge with the thunder clouds. Lightning flashes. Here is the place where nature meets nurture.

Track 9 - The Creator: The storm has ended. Breathy vocals embrace the peace of the aftermath. Calmness reigns. Sari is in her element.

Track 10 - Asleep By This Hour: Late-nighters will appreciate a song made just for them. Praise the insomniacs of the world. They have the poster child of wide-eyed wonder in their corner! Once again, the musicianship is supreme. Love the harmonies that are spontaneous, like a real live concert in your cubicle.

Track 11 - Hymns in Minor Keys: Paints a picture so clear that the listener can feel the heat of the sun that bakes the desert sands. Mirages spring up in the distance. Follow the true Compass and you will be lead to the real waterfalls.

Summary: Life is a perpetual learning experience. When we die, we’ll only be partway to reaching our full potential. Sari makes it clear that while she doesn't know everything about her spirituality or her ultimate purpose in the grand scheme of life, she still searches for the answers with all her heart and soul. By asking enough questions, one eventually finds the answers. It’s just a matter of asking the right questions at the right time. And truth is clearer when on bended knees. Sari’s album is a fitting tribute to the people still searching for the answers, not content to sit still.

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