travel with you

i seen you coming; you been coming for a long, long time
i been watching you watching the ground go by
there ain’t nothing flatter than the cornfields i call home
there ain’t nothing higher than the tree i’m perched on
while i watch you come

i want to travel with you, please take me on the road
i want no place to lay my head, i can carry that heavy load
i know i got to get away from this country someday
and there ain’t no place i’d rather be
than by your side, traveling, traveling, traveling!

i want to travel with you and i know what this might mean
i want to give up what i know, i want to know all that you teach
i feel like i am willing to go traveling
traveling, traveling, traveling!

the backyard is a mystery, and dusk can hardly wait
bare feet, sand box projects, and a little bit of your faith
coming back here is like the saddest, sweetest song
because i’d been trying to stay away
from this mystery for much too long


i seen you coming, through corn as tall as you
you must’ve heard me singing, and that’s how you knew
i guess i’m not meant to be alone in the trees today
i guess you come to tell me
that dinner is on its way


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© 2004 Sari Brown (TB Salron, BMI). All rights reserved.