i know best when i’m alone
you think i could call this my home?
i know best when i am alone
i been trying to call this my home

there’s a line between light & darkness
and it’s drawn right through every man
and we’re all trying to come to rest
on some things we just don’t understand


they say: there ain’t nothing universal about crying
they say: there ain’t no philosophy in broken dreams
i say: there ain’t nothing more zen than up and dying!
religion is up to you and me


i have traveled this whole world over
searching for a peace i hardly know
now i’m here in the western hemisphere
with all my lucky clover
and all i really learned is to be alone

i’m not saying i’d trade my rambling days
not even if i could turn back the time
but know this, young ramblers, as you go on your way
ain’t no soul that needs redemption like mine


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© 2004 Sari Brown (TB Salron, BMI). All rights reserved.