jesus’s waltz

well jesus, it’s been some 2000 years
but you know, you’re still the talk of things
down here on the great blue & green
your name is still easing all of our fears
and i wonder, how does it make you feel?

do you ever feel sorry, like a quote out of context
that was never put back in its place?
or do you feel like you finally carved out with your carpentry
a love that’ll never go to waste?
tell me, jesus, did you realize all your dreams?

do you ever feel tired, like you could just sleep forever?
do you marvel at all that has changed?
is it hard to see past all the ads & tv screens?
are people still in some ways the same?
tell me, jesus, did you realize all your dreams?


do you ever feel like the second coming
is too long for you to wait?
do you ever come back as a priest or a trucker?
and how does it feel when they say your name?
would you feel like you’re in a dream?

would you preach the good word, or convince one or two
that heaven is through them, and not you?
you know, day after day and again you sacrifice
yourself on that cross it seems
so tell us, jesus, did we realize all your dreams?


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© 2004 Sari Brown (TB Salron, BMI). All rights reserved.