hymns in minor keys

i been walking a lot lately
i been wandering far from home
i been on old back roads that are unfamiliar
i been thinking with my hands in my pockets
and putting one foot in front of the other

i been noticing the night sky more lately
i been listening mostly to nature’s music lately
the bull & the banjo frogs sing hymns in minor keys

i been breathing big deep breaths
and then turning and walking down another road
i been carrying a few things in my pockets
all i need to get by makes up a light load

and the creek’s been playing violin
and the leaves in the trees
have been teaching me hymns in minor keys

i been standing still & quiet
and watching the deer in the fields, eating corn
i been eating some of that corn myself
and whatever other food i can find

i done stopped worrying about heaven
or hell, or redemption
i don’t have no religion to guide me along
i’m not coming to enlightenment,
i’m just coming to the next crossroads
sunset calls with hymns in minor keys

until i die i’ll be searching
for that home they call spirituality
until i die you can find me singing humbly,
hymns in minor keys

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© 2004 Sari Brown (TB Salron, BMI). All rights reserved.