oh baby, every time i say your name
it makes me remember why i’m living again.
let’s go walking, just me & you.
lately i’ve been fishin—i do what i can do
to keep the faith in man,
like you told me to.

baby you’re something different,
i think it’s because you believe
in what’s within us, in one day being free.
take me to the river, you know how to find the place.
i’ve never been a good swimmer,
but i think you’ve got the grace
to keep the faith in me,
with your knowing ways.

i like to watch you carving wood,
your hands and fingers nimble.
i like how you make something beautiful
out of something so simple.
and i try to remember the stories that you told me,
but mostly i just remember your smile, which beholds me
to keep the faith in man,
on this earth cold & sweet.

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© 2004 Sari Brown (TB Salron, BMI). All rights reserved.