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::: Sari Brown and the Colortones :::

Wednesday, 7th September 2016
Greetings from Michigan! I am finally back in my home state to live permanently, or at least as permanently as anything can be in this ever-shifting world. I am delighted to be back in the land of the Great Lakes, living just east of Detroit and working as a pastor as I seek in my own small way to be a conduit for God's hope, peace justice and love. ♦ I am excited to be getting back into the Michigan music scene, especially my friends in Earthwork Music, after living all over South America and bringing my musical experiences from these places as well as what I could learn from their cultures, religious and social movements, and political realities. ♦ I will be playing at the Earthwork Harvest Gathering this year, which is sure to be an inspiring, transformative encounter of arts, social movements, and community projects. After that, I hope to continue sharing my music and my songs in various ways as I settle into my new life in my old homeplace—so I'll keep you posted. ♦ I am continuing to work on my blog, Sensical Creatures, about the practice of paying close attention to sensorial experience, and I continue to seek other contributions to make it more of a collaboration as it compares perceptions of the world across cultures, places and bodies. All are welcome to submit material for it. ♦ You can also check out my new songs posted on SoundCloud check my Facebook artist page for updates. 

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Photo by Kim Johnson.