plums....rings...dreams...false hearts
Thursday, 15th March 2012
It's been a quiet week in Stone Mountain, at the feet of the confederate version of Mt. Rushmore and on the brink of fighting for the rights of the widow, the orphan and the alien. ♦ Here in seminary at Emory University, I am learning about the hierarchy embedded in higher education, how to write proposals that enable you to travel to far-flung corners of the world, and how the strange lonesome voices of the Biblical prophets are still echoing their calls for justice and righteousness through the generations. ♦ You can keep up with me on my new blog, Sublime Gracia, a sort of combined dream journal, theological reflection, and social commentary. ♦ I declared myself officially retired from my singer/songwriter career last fall, but I have started to make music a spiritual practice that I hope will work its way into more and more aspects of my life. Right now I am learning a new song every week, from Bolivian Methodist hymns to ironic Brazilian love songs. I sing in the gospel choir and play Sufjan Stevens songs in chapel. Next year when I am in Bolivia, I hope to apprentice myself to someone who can teach me to play guitar and charango in the Andean folkloric style. ♦ Who knows what you'll see me doing with music someday. I keep this website, just in case. old tunes....dirt....moons

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